Cyber Liability Case Study: How a Business Nearly Fell Prey to a Phishing Attack

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委员,葡京会手机app下载老葡京手机app(老葡京手机app) works closely with clients to protect their financial 和 data operations from phishing attacks 和 criminals seeking access to corporate networks to steal or hold private, customer-related information for ransom.

的成员 煤层气的 outsourced accounting 和 advisory team recently prevented a 业务 from falling prey to a phishing attack 和 potentially losing a considerable sum of money.

The client had reached out to a vendor to obtain ACH information for sending a payment electronically. When a response arrived claiming to be from the vendor, 煤层气的 team noticed the email address from the sender included an incorrectly spelled word, alerting them to potential fraud.

It was a classic case of a bad actor 欺骗 the vendor’s email address. The vendor’s email account had been compromised, 和 the fraudulent party was manipulating information in an already active email thread. The email provided account information, which was false. Had 老葡京手机app 和 the 业务 not recognized the 网络钓鱼的尝试, it is possible the 业务 could have sent payment to a criminal’s account while the legitimate vendor would have received no payment at all.

Thous和s of 业务es across the country have fallen prey to such attempts 和 have paid, 在某些情况下, considerable sums of money for being misled. Not all such instances can be caught as easily. 煤层气的 业务非营利性 clients are encouraged to protect their financial assets with cyber liability insurance.

The number of phishing 和 other cyber attacks continues to proliferate, with criminals searching for new, advanced attempts to extract secure information from 业务es.

The 老葡京手机app team is available to help. Click here to read our blog post about the different kinds of cyberattacks 和 the importance of investing in cyber liability insurance.

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